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Just edited this self portrait project I did a little while ago to match my new current hair colour and to make the colour scheme more suited for fall!

hellajustilicious asked: Okay thank you, I'm going to try and get into more of this stuff, but I'm not very good at art sooo it might not turn out very well lol

All it takes is a lot of practice (and patience)! As long as you’re creating things you’ll just keep getting better!

hellajustilicious asked: Sorry for bothering you again, but how do you do the vectors from the elements?

You’re not bothering me, don’t worry! And I just trace different features of the person’s face/hair/etc. with the pen tool in Illustrator :)

hellajustilicious asked: Heyy! I saw those photos you made of Ava and I just wanted to say that they're really nice! How do you make them exactly, I'm 15 and have been thinking of getting into graphic design! Keep up the great work! <3

Thank you!! I made it in Adobe Illustrator! I just kind of illustrate a basic face/neck/shoulders shape and then do vector illustrations of elements (such as hair, eyes, eyebrows, etc.) from photos of the person I’m illustrating and just sort of compile them all together to make a person!

So I was bored and also wanted to practice drawing vector illustrations of people (similar to this self portrait I did) and thought Ava (of haltiamava on YouTube) would be fun to draw because she’s just a cool person and she has really cool hair. And then I got carried away with all the hair colour/lipstick colour possibilities and ended up making 4 variations. 

I’m thinking about maybe opening up commissions for this sort of thing so let me know if that’s something any of you might be interested in because I really enjoy making them!!

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I have 3 pieces of exciting news!

  1. My RedBubble shop is back! For some of you who may have noticed, my shop has been closed for the past month, but it’s back!
  2. Duvet covers are now available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes!
  3. FREE SHIPPING!! For back to school RedBubble is doing free shipping with code BACKTOSCHOOLFS! Free shipping ends August 21st.

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Just got my shirt in the mail for the FOB concert! @laurenschroer ❤️❤️❤️


Just got my shirt in the mail for the FOB concert! @laurenschroer ❤️❤️❤️

kapebm asked: OMG! I love your blog, you're so talented I am actually reblogging/queuing everything! 😍😍 I'm in love with your work

Thanks so much! :)

Jellyfish at the Ripley&#8217;s Aquarium in Toronto

Jellyfish at the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

Dangerous Lagoon at Ripley’s Aquarium

How cute is this little cuttlefish??